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I will, in fact, be going on a flight to Florence later today. I’m going to be studying abroad for six weeks (June 1-July 14), and Ishouldhave internet in the apartments there but possibly it will only be at the study center and internet cafes and such. We’ll see.

This is so that you all know that I’m going to be out of the country, even though I’ll probably still be online a lot (but in a different time zone). Also, a bunch of people still don’t know because I’ve been so bad at informing everyone, herp derp.

And so you’ll know what’s going on when I invariably upload pictures of me in Florence.

Also, this does in fact mean I’m missing basically all of convention season (:c), but I unfortunately still don’t know how to be in two places at once. FOR SHAME. And in case you missed it I also cut my hair.

Gonna be reblogging this throughout the day (via queue) so no one misses it.

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  2. akumuhana said: Hope you have lots of fun! But not too much because then no studying will get done. XD Take lots and lots of photos!!
  3. giraffrika said: I hope you have a fun! Perhaps the Italians have a way to make your portal gun work across the ocean